Application for Admission to the independent study and diploma programs is open throughout the year. All applications for admission are received and reviewed by the admissions committee. A careful evaluation is made as to the individual’s motivation, character, life experience, and academic standing for acceptance into the degree or diploma sought. The University may accept incoming credit toward a student’s first undergraduate degree through the assessment of prior learning program. Some degree and diploma programs require special admission criteria and prerequisites.

1. All documents must be written and submitted in English unless through our international affiliates.
2. All payments of application fees and tuition fees must be made in U.S. currency and made directly to the University of Natural Medicine

Provisional admissions status may be granted to a qualified applicant who has not met all prerequisites. All prerequisites for degrees must be completed within the first 1-2 years of study in a degree program. Determination will be made upon evaluation of a student’s application and will be the decision of the Dean and/or Academic Director.

Advanced placement may be available for qualified applicants based on similar curriculum completed.

Please have the schools you have attended mail copies of your official transcripts to the registrar. Official transcripts must be received to complete the student’s application. Preliminary status and evaluation may be obtained with copies of transcripts until official transcripts are received.

Students with transcripts from foreign colleges and universities are required to submit English language translations. If not submitted in English, the University will refer these transcripts to an external foreign transcripts evaluation service for review. Students pay a foreign transcript evaluation fee of $250 for this service in addition to the regular application fee. The University does not offer 1-20 visa services for independent study programs. International Students must have a good working knowledge of the English language for admission to the University unless the student is enrolled in one of our affiliate centers or institutions. All course work is offered in English, through English textbooks, and critiques made by English speaking faculty in the United States. All communications are in English unless the student is enrolled through an affiliate institution or a faculty member is fluent in another language.

Students may receive incoming credit for prior learning, life and work experience. All requests for incoming credit must be submitted with the application for admission with the appropriate fees.

The University offers academic credit for life/work experience related to the program of study which has been obtained outside a formal degree-granting setting. Life experience is defined as work experience (therapist, physician/clinician, teacher. counselor. business. etc.), military experience or a combination of the two.

1. Please submit as much documentation as possible for validation.
2. Note that life experience credit cannot be granted to doctoral students.

Courses may only be waived and accepted for incoming credit if a prospective student has demonstrated acceptable evidence of the material covered, e.g. notarized documentation, official transcript, diploma or certificate of completion from a recognized educational institution and/or individual. Incoming credit for non-traditional education, work and life experience will be assessed by our prior learning assessment program. Incoming credit must be appropriate to the course of study sought. The student shall indicate the course(s) for which the experiential learning is being substituted and the justification for it.

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