Larry J. Milam, Ph.D., B.S., H.M.D.

Ph.D. from University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and The British Institute of Homeopathy, University of Tennessee

Since 2002, Dr. Milam became President of the University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico and he also plays an active faculty role in teaching nutrition and clinical biochemistry courses.

Dr. Milam has been a formulator and manufacturer of nutritional products for the past 25 years. Many of his unique products are distributed throughout the world to over 60,000 doctors and professionals. Dr. Milam is the author of three books, “Power Plant Enzymes for Vitality, Digestion and Radiant Health”, “Homeopathy, A Natural Medicine, Where the Minimum Dose Equals the Maximum Results”, “Cancer-What Your Body is Dying to Tell You”. His home study course on nutrition is offered in 15 countries. He is the founder of “A Day with the Doctor” – A health and wellness seminar that is offered throughout the United States, Europe, and Russia, He is regularly featured n several Radio and Television shows regarding Health and Wellness topics.