Master of Natural Health Sciences

The UNM Master of Natural Health Sciences is designed to educate the student and provide them with diverse, in depth, comprehensive knowledge, and competent training in the field of integrative medicine, botanical medicine, and holistic nutrition. This program is not a dietetics or conventional nutrition approach in that it incorporates advanced scientifically proven knowledge and approaches as to what an individual’s true and essential requirements and needs may be as well as the foremost research in the nutraceutical, botanical and integrative medicine field today.

Diagnostic and assessment modalities will be taught in order to provide each student the tools necessary to determine the true source, or ‘etiology’, of an individual’s imbalance, deficiency or state of dis-ease to enable the graduate of this program to design and implement therapeutic protocols for the prevention and alleviation of these conditions.

The MS program also offers additional therapeutic modalities as an adjunct to the nutritional knowledge gained for a more holistic and effective approach.

Incoming credit and advanced placement may apply for prior education, trainings and life/work experience. Upon completion of this program a graduate may matriculate into any of our post-graduate programs if one chooses.



Sample Curriculum