University of Natural Medicine

Ph.D. Doctoral Dissertation Committee

Core Faculty Advisors:                                             

Dr. Richard Brady

Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Natural Health Sciences

Beverly Kune, M.A., L.M.T.,D.HOM., N.D.                    

Kinesiology, Body/Mind Therapies

Linda Lancaster, ND, PhD, MD (MA), DSc, DAc   

Homeopathy, Energy Medicine

Janice Martin, Ed.D., LPC                                        

Counseling, Naturopathy

Larry Milam, D.I.Hom., H.M.D., Ph.D.                    

Nutrition, Homeopathy

France Robert                                                     

Colon Hydrotherapy

Sheila Rockley, Ph.D.

Naturopathic Animal Health, Natural Medicine, Integrated Healthcare

Mark Dargan Smith,N.D., Ph.D.                              

Nutrition, Integrative Medicine

Ellen Tart-Jensen, D.Sc.                                             


 Adiel Tel-Oren,D.C., M.D., C.C.N.                         

Natural Medicine

Larry Weitz, Ph.D.                                                    

Psychology, Natural Healing

Larry Wilson, M.D.                                                    

Biochemistry, Jurisprudence, Natural Medicine